William Beebe Tropical Research Station Background: History, Location and Research
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From Sir Solomon Hochoy /Uriah Butler Highway you turn right onto the Churchill Roosevelt Highway.
Continue driving up the highway, straight up to Arima, passing the Santa Rosa Race Track on the right and continuing up to the Wallerfield area.
Turn off at Demerrara Road in Wallerfield. Demerrara Road is the 1st Road on the left after you pass Santa Rosa Heights on the Highway.

When you turn onto Demerrara Road, drive straight until you reach out to the corner of the Eastern Main Road. Cross directly across the Eastern onto the road on the opposite side.
That road is called ByPass Road, then continue driving on that road until you will eventually reach out on Blanchisseuse Road. Continue driving on Blanchisseuse Road until you reach 7 3/4 mile mark.
The centre is located on the left hand side of the road. There you would see a sign marked " Asa Wright Nature Centre" and you drive straight in for about a 1/2 mile until you reach the car park area. Park and then come down the steps to the Reception area. Where you can be provided with additional direction as well as being put in contact with the Station Manager

Map to Simla


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